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Thank you! Fantastic work.

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Amen, brother in Christ, we fight in the first row, no matter cannon fodder, we don´t quit!

Absolutely, beautiful, kudos, my last thumb up, love it!

In 2010, I wrote a legendary book titled USA United Satanic America reflecting its essence, which was censored, restricted, banned.

I just saw a picture of Sunak and Elensky in a helicopter laughing like the best buddies ever, those Nazi SOB POS MTFs!



Let the tribunals begin! Jaws crack, balls drop, drums, or heads, roll!

In the meantime .... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/wielding-endtime-divine-scythed-2011

Or you can go to Iceland .... why not ? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/iceland-in-bloom

Or try my hot spa, perhaps? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/hope-nope-dope-cope

Either way they are to blame ..... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/monks-or-monkeys-or-mtfs

Not my fault! https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/membership-mandatory-the-enabling


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Well, you can either hold your Elevated Idols accountable, or you refuse to. How is that decision anyone else's responsibility but yours? You watch children getting raped, you gonna write articles about how wrong it is INSTEAD OF stopping the harms, or after stopping them?

You're all acting like children who have no choice but to whine at their Mommies and Daddies hoping that they change their minds, not rational adults who actually want to protect children from harm as if keeping politicians Sacred in your minds is more important THAN the well-being of children.

That's on you; Not the people doing the harm.

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